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Main Product Range

Food Service Equipment Category

Core Collections

BYFW always be proud of our core collections, they made us differ from the market and our competitors 


Carrousel Spinning Center, Mobile Banquet Table, Free Standing Heat Lamp

​Carrousel Spinning Chafing Station

spinning chafing counter, dual heating system food serving center

Mobile Food Service Chafing Table

banquet table with mount in chafing dishes, movable banquet buffet table

SUS304 Free Standing Heat Lamp

electric heat lamps for food warming in buffet,classic design

SUS304 Stackable Chafing Dish

stackable design detachable GN 1/1 chafing dish with electric heating plate

SUS304 Hydraulic Colored Chafing Dish

hydraulic chafing dish with large glass window in different polished metal color

SUS304 Infrared Food Warmer Chafer

All in SUS304 dome lampshade infrared heating food counter detachable design
BY FOOD WARMER product collections

a Chinese Manufacturer of Heat lamp food warmer, Carving station, Chafing dish and Special rotating chafing station and mobile chafing station. We professionally design and produce 5 star hotel used buffet equipments. Detachable user friendly design is the core concept, all components are easily disembled or assembled
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