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lead free bone china

LD Bone China Ceramic Wares
High Temperature Fired Made Ceramic

LD Bone china is a kind of super hard but super light ceramic. The LD formula of mixing ingredients with cow bone powder creates the fabulous high grade material. The LD bone china ceramic wares are transparent, light and unbreakable when drop from 1.5. Try it and you will love it. BY THE WAY, LD bone china is FDA test past material and it is LEAD FREE……You know what it means to the end users.

LD Commercial ceramic ware is the economic series which we design to the common market demands. It is made in 1320℃ fire kiln which assure the come out products could be used in oven, dish washer or freezer.

What is LD bone china

Bone china


What is commercial ceramic
Main Products

Lead Free LD Bone China Wares

Main Products

Commercial High Temperature Fire Made Ceramic

Commercial Ceramic
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