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Store Up Friendly Design SUS 304 Stackable Chafing Dish with Flexible Heating Options


Large Glass View GN1/1 Stackable Chafing Dish With Five Years Warranty Store Up Friendly Design SUS 304 Stackable Chafing Dish with Flexible Heating Options
BYJ1101SS GN1/1 SUS304 Chafing Dish


GN 1/1 Oblong Induction Chafing Dish

BYJ1161SS GN1/1 Chafing Dish with Stackable Frame


GN 1/1 Oblong Electric Heating Chafing Dish

BYJ1191SS. SS18-8 Chafing Dish with stackable squre tube frame


GN 1/1 Oblong 3-way heating Flat Lid Chafer

Product Feature:

  1. Cylindrical footing with Stackable chafer frame design

  2. The whole product is made in stainless steel 304 (Food Grade)

  3. Standard equip with high temperature ceramic GN 1/1 food pan

  4. Thickness of stainless steel material at 1.5~2mm

  5. Standard Equip with Electric Heating Plate: 380w, 50Hz, 220V

  6. Unique machenical hinge design of lid which assure the longer life time of use (10 years+, 8 years longer than hydraulic system)

  7. Unique knock down design of the lid totally put in/take out, provide an easy maintenance and complete cleaning effect.

  8. Chafer design for buffet restaurant already with induction cooker (eg. The restaurant with mount-in induction cooker on the buffet table)

Desert in Dark


Apply for:
Electric Parameter:
Frame Dimensions:
Chafer Dimensions:  

SUS 18/10, SUS304
Buffet Restaurant, Hotel Breakfast, Party/Event Catering
Keep Ready Food Warm and Fresh, Buffet Serving Food Display
Electric Heating, Induction Heating, Fuel Holder Heating
Stainless Steel Orign, Mirror Finish
Rectangle, Fit to apply GN1/1 Food Pan
Chafer with Frame: 570 x 370 x 400 mm
5 Years Warranty; OEM/ODM Service
220v, 50Hz, 380w
570 x 370 x 400 mm
560 x 370 x 140 mm     /10, SUS304

Rock Formation




Heating Kits:


Square Tube Footing; Cylindrical Tube Footing

Gold, Copper

Electric Heating Plate, Fit-in Indction, Fuel Holder

GN 1/1, GN1/2, GN 2/3, Mini Round, Standard Round

Desert in Dark


Knock Down System:


Visable Lid:


Flexible Application:





Mechanical Hinge:


Stackable Design:

Easily Assembled/Disassembled Components: Lid, Food Pan, Water Pan, Frame, Heating Element

1 Big Temper Glass Window on the Lid

2 Application:
Chafer Without Frame: Ready to be Heated on Mount in Inductions.
Chafer with Frame: Ready to be heated with 3 optional ways


3 Times longer usage life than Hydraulic Hinge Chafer

Space save in storage

Multiple Application:

  • Chafer only - Apply to table top or mount in Induction Cooker

  • Chafer put into the frame - Electric heating (With the standard equiped temperature adjustable electric heating plate)

  • Chafer put into the frame - Induction heating (With any type of round mini induction cooker)

  • Chafer put into the frame - Fire heating (With the traditional fuel holder)

Order Notice:

  1. All of our products can pass any official lab tests, we can provide support with necessary materials, but we have NO CERTIFICATE to be provided, all tests will be done by customer and all cost related to the tests will be paid by customer.

  2. All the spare parts requested by customer (out of the free necessary spare parts list), please consult to our colleague to get more details.

  3. Minimum Order Amount US$3000 (In case the order amount less than USD3000, customer will be charged extra USD500 handling fee)

  4. No MOQ requirement on products.

  5. Production lead time : 5-15 days.

  6. Payment terms: TT 30% Deposite, 70% Balance before shipment.

Shipping Notice:

  • Easy broken parts will be special wrapped.

  • All packages will be consider to have wooden crate or wooden case in bulk packing (Plywood packing without fumigation).If the import country has any restriction on the packaging, please contact us for details before final quotation.

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