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Compact Stacakable

From frame to lid, the whole chafing dish is made of SUS304 material of 1.5-1.8mm thickness. It assure our chafing dishes are more heavier and durable use than the other chafing dishes.

Flat Big Glass visible window lid is on the trend, with the application of machanical hinge system prolongs the product life. BYFW offer 5 years warranty to our clients to prove our confidence on the product.

Cylindrical or Square Pipe footing -

2 types of footing frame option to fit the different restaurant style.

Induction, Fuel Holder, Thermo Electric Plate -

3 application of heating way in 1 frame, ease the clients flexible in applying different heating system in use.

Stackable 3in1 Heating Chafing Dish

Main Products

SUS304 Stackable Chafing Dish

Feature of  the Design

SUS304 Stackable Chafing Dish

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