Electric Heating Chafing Dishes
byfw Classic
  • The knock down designed chafing dishes differ us from the other chafers.

  • Frame with heating plate help to free the water pan for wash without cord and screw welding mark.

  • Pre-welding screws beneath the bottom of water pan ease the heating plate be screwed on/off easily.

  • Take-out lid make the clean work more easily and completely.

  • Mechanic hinge on the lid assure the OPEN-CLOSE life much longer than hydraulic chafing dishes. We offer 5 years warranty on this hinge.

  • The mechanic hinge lid assure the lid open and stop at any angle between 0~90 degree, you don’t need to worry about the customer open and close the chafing dishes carelessly.

Main Products

SUS 304 Electric Heating Chafing Dishes