We are BY FOOD WARMER, a Chinese Manufacturer of Heat lamp food warmer, Carving station, Chafing dish and Special rotating chafing station and mobile chafing station. We professionally design and produce high end buffet wares. We endeavor designing longer life and user friendly products and customized products/parts to satisfy our clients demand.

Combo Collections

Star 7+7

Galaxy Octopus 

Galaxy Octopus is a combo-design collection. The "Rotation 7+7" design with different combinations gives multiple inspirations to restaurant owners and provides different buffet experience to the gastronome.

luxury chafing dish

B.Y focus in high fashion chafing dishes' design and food contact safe materials in production.

The "Free-Stop" technique is designed to the chafer lids which is more friendly to the gastronome according to their usage habits as well as money saving to the owner in maintenance on the hydraulic system.


HEAT LAMP STATIONS are the first product lines of B.Y. We focus in all the small parts improvement to make our heat lamp products outstanding in the market. You deserve to experience such high quality, durable and easy cleaning food warmers.

Heat Lamps

Food Warmer

Food warmer & Carving staton


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